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One act can change the play ,

One dialogue can change the situation,

One word can change relations ,

So think twice before you do that one thing .

~ Sree lakshmi


Forests or the technology ?


The Nallamala forest is located in the state of Andhra Pradesh,in India. They run parallel to the cormandal coast for close to 430km between the rivers Krishna and Pennar. These are probably the largest stretch of undisturbed forest in South India apart from the western ghats. These forests are home for number of animals and tribal people living there.Uranium was found in the land of Nallamala forest. Now, what is this uranium ? Is it dangerous ? Uranium is a radio active element and contains plutonium . It is used for nuclear power projects and yes, it is dangerous . What happens when uranium mining takes place in a place like forests ? The central government of India who talks about saving trees have given permission for mining in Nallamala forest . This process of mining releases radon gases which is harmful for people as well as animals . This gases also effect the land of the forest and turns completely into a waste land .By the way the first step of mining starts with DEFORESTATION. The air ,the rivers everything gets polluted . It will also destroy ‘Nagarjuna Sagar-Srisailam tiger reserve ‘ which is known to be the second largest tiger reserve in the world . The health effects of high exposure to radon are a particular problem in the mining of uranium; significant excess lung cancer deaths have been identified in epidemiological studies of uranium miners employed in the 1940s and 1950s. The first major heath issues occured in the context of uranium mining are Joachimsthal region of Bohemia and then in the Southwestern United States during the coldwar . Despite efforts made in cleaning up uranium sites , significant problems stemming from the legacy of uranium development still exist today on the Navajo Nation and in the States of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona. Not only this generation but the effect is going to last for a long term .This will also have an effect on Ozone layer .

Let’s join our hands together to stop the mining and protect the forest , people and animals .

#saveforest #stopdeforestation #saveanimals

Political Vendetta or captious….

Is this a political Vendetta or the government doing it’s duty?

In 2010 the same issue was replicated when P.Chidambaram was Union Home Minister and Amith Shah who is the present Union Home Minister was allegedly arrested in Sohrabuddina encounter case. Amith Shah was barred from entering Gujarat from 2010-2012 .In 2018 the Supreme court stated that “the case against Amith Shah was a premeditated and preconceived script by CBI”. This statement of SC carried in the 2019 election results in favour of BJP. At present P.Chidambaram has been arrested in INX media case . He has been probed for allegedly helping the INX media get illegal FIPB clearances of funds upto Rs 305 cr. Now the questions arise , BJP has been in power since 2014 but why the case took a serious turn from 2017. Why Karti chindambaram involved with INX media ? Here are the answers, Chindambaram’s arrest can help BJP’s anti corruption narrative which was used to grab the attention of the voters. Leaving politics a side and see through the judiciary persecutive CBI,FIPB and ED has presented strong proofs against Chindambaram and his son Karti chindambaram . BJP spokesperson Nalin kholi and union minister of state for Home affairs G.Kishan Reddy said “law will takes it’s own course “. The next hearing in SC is on 26th August 2019 . Let’s see how the politics and law go hand on hand.